Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Out of Order

My dear blog, I've left you all alone and I'm so sorry for it. You've stayed here waiting for me hoping that I'll come back and at least smile and say 'I miss you my lovely blog'. Well, you can smile now because I do miss you dearly. In human relationships, friends, love ones, to those whom I've not smiled, laughed, joked or angered with, I'm sorry I missed to do that to you. The sun never stop brightening your day, I did. The rain never stop pouring love, I did. The wind never stop blowing kisses, I did. I apologize deeply to whom ever I've once touched, I know I out ordered.

In remembrance of 'Rain', you're the only one that really-really remain deep in my heart that I can't seem to ever let go no matter how hard I tried. I'm like my blog which never give up hope that one day you will come right in front of me saying just 'Hi'.

I miss you mrsygG.

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